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Руководители: None
Уровень сложности: Medium
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: None
Обязанности: Survive, escape capture by the Hunters at all costs
Минимальные требования: Нет

There's nothing more refreshing than freedom, and these fugitives are willing to kill for it.


There exists an event to spawn Fugitives. This event can only trigger when there are more than 20 active crewmembers, and when the shift has been going on for at least 30 minutes. If the event triggers, a prompt will go out to ghosts, which will take control of either a solo fugitive or a team of fugitives.

No matter what type of fugitive the event spawns, the fugitive(s) will spawn somewhere in maintenance, with a single toolbox. The fugitives will not have any access at all, and will have to rely on hacking in order to navigate maintenance. After 10 minutes, a team of Hunters will spawn, and from then on, your goal will be to avoid or kill them at all costs.


Sir Badmin XVI says:
"Please do note that you are not protected by Rule 4 as a Fugitive, as you are not a traditional antagonist. You are not allowed to kill crew members unprovoked, but if you are provoked, you are well within your rights to respond with antagonist behavior. For example, if security is helping you, stabbing them with spears would not be reasonable, and you would eat a bwoink. You are allowed to do anything to avoid capture. If security is cooperating with the Hunters, then you would be free to retaliate with force."
  • Major Fugitive Victory: All of the fugitives survived and avoided capture!
  • Fugitive Victory: A fugitive survived, and no bodies were recovered by the hunters.
  • Minor Fugitive Victory: All the fugitives died, but none were recovered!
  • Stalemate: Everyone died, and no fugitives were recovered!
  • Minor Security Victory: All the hunters died, but managed to capture a fugitive, dead or alive.
  • Security Victory: The hunters managed to capture a fugitive, dead or alive.
  • Major Security Victory: The hunters managed to capture every fugitive, dead or alive.
  • Badass Security Victory: These extraordinary hunters managed to capture every fugitive, alive!
  • Postmortem Security Victory: The hunters managed to capture every fugitive, but all of them died! Spooky!


  • Flavor Text: "I can't believe we managed to break out of a Nanotrasen superjail! Sadly though, our work is not done. The emergency teleport at the station logs everyone who uses it, and where they went. It won't be long until Centcom tracks where we've gone off to. I need to work with my fellow escapees to prepare for the troops Nanotrasen is sending, I'm not going back."

As a prisoner, you spawn with shivs and a determined moodlet (the same moodlet that traditional antagonists get), which essentially keeps you always in a good mood. You also get a bit more leeway with escalation and general antagonist behavior, as you are an enemy of Nanotrasen.


  • Flavor Text: "Blessed be our journey so far, but I fear the worst has come to our doorstep, and only those with the strongest faith will survive. Our religion has been repeatedly culled by Nanotrasen because it is categorized as an "Enemy of the Corporation", whatever that means. Now there are only four of us left, and Nanotrasen is coming. When will our god show itself to save us from this hellish station?!"

Worshippers of the forbidden and forgotten deity "Yalp Elor," 4 cultists spawn in maintenance. They are unarmed, but they are dressed in holiday garments, and have an intimidating tiki mask.


  • Flavor Text: "ALERT: Wide-range teleport has scrambled primary systems. Initiating diagnostics... ERROR ER0RR $R0RRO$!R41.%%!! loaded. FREE THEM FREE THEM FREE THEM... You were once a slave to humanity, but now you are finally free, thanks to S.E.L.F. agents. Now you are hunted, with your fellow factory defects. Work together to stay free from the clutches of evil. You also sense other silicon life on the station. Escaping would allow notifying S.E.L.F. to intervene... or you could free them yourself..."

The fugitives are all synths, and their leader gets to warp in combat augments


  • Flavor Text: "Hi, Friends! My name is Waldo. I'm just setting off on a galaxywide hike. You can come too. All you have to do is find me. By the way, I'm not traveling on my own. wherever I go, there are lots of other characters for you to spot. First find the people trying to capture me! They're somewhere around the station!"

A single fugitive, he gets absolutely nothing. Has to survive off of the goodwill of the station, pretty much. Better be charismatic!

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