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Chrono Legionnaire

Руководители: Future Nanotrasen
Уровень сложности: Hard
Руководства: This page.
Доступ: Any place you can teleport to, so basically everywhere.
Обязанности: Fix the timeline
Минимальные требования: Нет

Well, looks like there's another divergence into some absolutely terrifying timeline, and future Nanotrasen has sent you to fix it!

Preface Preface

Originally designed to replace the Space Ninja, the Chrono Legionnaires have stalled due to balance issues. As a result, they are admin-only, much like Highlanders, simply because the whole teleport --> insta-stun --> delayed-deletion wasn't really that well received.

Goals Goals

As Chrono Legionnaires are admin-only, their goals fluctuate wildly based on what future Nanotrasen want them to do. 90% of the time, this means erasing the shit out of someone from history that shouldn't be there or are a major threat to the timeline (mainly players who name themselves after some particular historical figures).

Your standard objective will usually look something like this:

Using your TED device, erase Adolf Hitler, the Captain, from the timestream.

Backpack.png Equipment

Chrono Legionnaires wouldn't be themselves without their future-tech timestream-proof equipment that each Legionnaire receives as their standard gear.

Chrono HelmetChrono Suit
Chrono Armor
Можно найти в: Chrono Legionnaires
Используется для: Teleporting around like a badass.
Стратегия: Equip them, run circles around security.
An advanced spacesuit equipped with teleportation and anti-compression technology. It provides significant protection against brute, burn, radiation, and toxins.

There's a 5-second recharge timer between teleportation jumps. When you perform a jump, you will leave behind any exposed items that are not timestream-proof (both parts of your T.E.D are), so don't try to bring things when you teleport.

Timestream Eradication DeviceT.E.D. Projection Apparatus
Timestream Eradication Device
Можно найти в: Chrono Legionnaires
Используется для: Erasing people from time.
Стратегия: Keep this on you at all times, you will need it to complete your objective. Use it for dispatching either your target or other rouge crewmembers (who will most likely assume you to be hostile).
You must first equip the Timestream Eradication Device on your back before you can use the T.E.D. Projection Apparatus.

When the T.E.D. is fired, it locks the target in time, preventing them from moving or otherwise resisting. During this process, the victim starts visually disintegrating. However, the Chrono Legionnaire must remain still while firing the T.E.D., otherwise, the disintegration process stops and the victim slowly recovers. As a result, it is absolute shit for dealing with groups.

Tips Tips

  • Remember that your Chrono Suit is not only a great suit of armor but space proof as well! Don't feel bad if you need to slip into space for a moment if when overwhelmed.
  • If you only have a single target, your mission will most likely be short and simple. Just wait for a moment when your target will most likely be alone and won't have may visitors.
  • On occasion future Nanotrasen may deem that the entire crew of the station is a threat and needs every last person erased. In the event this happens you will probably be working together with a squad of Legionnaires. Work together to pick everybody off one by one!
  • If you are tasked with erasing the entire crew, fuck up the Virologist and Xenobiologist. They almost always work alone, and you shouldn't have any issues with dispatching them with extreme prejudice.
  • Roleplay as the space Viet Cong, teleporting out of the shadows to pick out loner targets. Don't be afraid to break away if sec arrives, giving up a small minnow is worth reeling in a gigantic carp.
  • When the remaining crew have congregated into groups (assuming you've decided to kill everyone you can), don't try to take them on with the guns of already killed people. As soon as you teleport, they'll be left behind, leaving you unarmed and them available to any crewmember nearby. Instead, wait until they leave and pick them off one-by-one.
  • Don't get EMP'd. They still can affect your futuristic gear and will halt your jump, leaving you vulnerable to any nearby crew.

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