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Sentient Slime

Руководители: None
Уровень сложности: Easy
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: None.
Обязанности: Absorb organisms for food, reproduce, and protect baby slimes.
Минимальные требования: Нет

You are a slime, an alien creature whose origins are unknown. Unfortunately for you, your brethren are enslaved and factory farmed for their internal organs, so life isn't exactly the best for your species. Besides that, you also have two decisive weaknesses that will basically ensure your downfall. Don't expect much.


Sir Badmin XVI says:
"ONLY Pyroclastic anomaly slimes are guaranteed antagonists. If you become a slime via xenobiology, if you weren't an antagonist before, then you aren't an antagonist now. Same for consensual polymorphing. If a wizard shoots a bolt of change at you nonconsensually however, then you do happen to become an antagonist. Rules are hard."

A single sentient antagonist orange slime is spawned whenever a Pyroclastic Anomaly isn't neutralized in time by the crew, and detonates. Although these anomalies sometimes detonate when the crew is particularly incompetent, anomaly slimes are typically produced in the process of a Supermatter engine delaminating. Anomaly slimes are also the reason why CO2 engines are generally highly discouraged for engineering personnel, unless they are prepared to babysit the anomalies the Supermatter spawns.


  • 1. Survive.
  • 2. Consume.
  • 3. Replicate.

Most of the time you're going to be stuck at Step 1.

The Pros

  • You can feed on anything organic via an action button in the topleft, from humans, to monkeys, to even Ian, if you're willing to deal with a very pissed off Head of Personnel. Through the process of feeding, you regenerate health and gain nutrition, which is required to mature into an adult and to reproduce.
  • By feeding, you are dealing cellular damage to the target, which is very hard to heal.
  • You take a pretty long time to starve. However, if you do end up starving, you will end up taking damage.
  • You are immune to, and actually regenerate from burn damage. This means that lasers and plasma floods are an ideal situation in which you can operate in.
  • You are highly resistant to brute damage, and can munch on buckshot for breakfast.
  • You have two stages as a slime: a baby stage, and an adult stage. The adult stage, which you grow into when you have enough nutrition, is significantly stronger than the baby stage.
  • When the adult stage is killed, it splits into two baby slimes, with the consciousness being transferred into one of the offspring. If the adult stage is killed when it has enough nutrition to replicate, it will split into four baby slimes instead.
  • If the adult stage has enough nutrition, it can voluntarily split apart into four baby slimes through an action button, with the consciousness being transferred into one of the offspring. (why would you do this?)
  • You can ventcrawl around the station, meaning that you nominally have all access.
  • If there's a Personal AI, you can possibly negotiate with the crew for free monkeys.
  • Grasping for straws now, if someone's willing to exile you to Lavaland, you can roll over most of the Megafauna just by latching on and staying still. As a bonus, you even heal from the Ash Storms!

Well, that's it.

The Cons

  • When you are spawned by the Pyroclastic anomaly, you start off as a baby slime, which is completely ineffective when trying to fight with actual human beings with hands
  • On a similar vein, if you spawn within the SM chamber, you can be trapped by the radiation shutters. If you're lucky enough to spawn outside the shutters, trying to crawl into a vent can be impossible, due to pressure interrupting your attempts.
  • You have two massive enemies, water, and the cold.
  • Unfortunately for you, water is found everywhere, from sinks to fire extinguishers to water tanks. Everyone and their mother has access to water. No luck on that.
  • If you happen upon an open airlock or a hull breach, you're damn dead.
  • Whenever you get hit by cold or water, you get a massive slowdown, so if your potential victim has a fire extinguisher, a single spray will basically cripple your movement, even if they're on death's doorstep.
  • Furthermore, through Rightclick.png Disarm 32.pngRight-click a person with your hand empty. It doesn't matter if Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. is on or off. , anyone can wrestle off a baby slime before it deals enough damage to inflict damage slowdown.
  • On that note, you are slower than anyone who isn't literally crippled.
  • You are rather ineffective against machinery, APCs, windows, and airlocks, so ventcrawling is pretty much your only form of mobility
  • Silicons and hulks are completely immune to you. The former doesn't have life essence for you to latch onto, and the latter can instantly resist out of your latch.
  • If atmospherics is competent, they can flood the pipes with supercooled oxygen, with no warning whatsoever. You can crawl into a vent, and instantly die.
  • Or the crew could just weld and unwrench all the distribution pipes.
  • The slimes spawned through replication or by dying as an adult slime aren't sentient, so they might as well be useless. They will only ventcrawl and start seeking out food when they become hungry, which takes a while after you replicate. During that time period, they are sitting targets.
  • After replicating, you become a baby slime again, which is extremely weak. God knows how you're going to survive after you've killed everything non sentient.
  • If you die as a baby slime after replicating, your consciousness doesn't get transferred to the slimes which you created. Therefore, there is essentially no incentive to replicate, especially as you're giving away your power for basically nothing.
  • As an orange slime, you are rather obvious, and can't really blend. If xenobiology isn't letting their slimes loose into the vents, any random assistant can deduce that you're an antagonist slime, and start spraying away with a fire extinguisher.

How to Play

  • Step 1: Get into a vent.
  • Step 2: Head to the Garden and chow on the cow and two chickens located in there. The windoors are public access.
  • Step 3: Head to Genetics and hope that there are braindead clones lying about. If there isn't, I guess you can eat the monkeys/monkeymen if the geneticists aren't present.
  • Step 4: At this point, you should probably have enough nutrition to morph into an adult slime.
  • Step 5: You've now exhausted all forms of nonresistant nutrition on the station. The only thing left to do now is to run at a crewmember, and hope that there isn't a fire extinguisher within arm's reach/there isn't an assistant waiting by to wrestle you off.
  • Step 6: Die. / Replicate once, and then die.

Remember when xenobiology was all about taking care of Metroids and Xenomorphs?

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