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В ротации MetaStation, DeltaStation, IceboxStation, KiloStation, Tramstation
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Tramstation on the top floor . Click for full resolution.
Tramstation on the bottom floor. Click for full resolution.


Tramstation is branching off from the standard station layout, dividing the various departments into 3 separate segments inter-connected by both a central monorail system and lower level maintenance tunnels. Every segment has a central docking platform where a moving tram can be called to and sent from to other segments.

Key points to note are that:

  • 3 separated segments connected via an actual moving tram system. Getting hit by the tram is ill-advised but not an immediate death sentence.
  • Built into a large red asteroid that can spawn small amounts of various simple ore.
  • Designed with multi-z in mind from the ground up (2 floors)
  • Upper floor is light on maintenance, with the lower section having winding tunnels and half-finished carved out segments that are randomly open/closed.
  • To compensate for lighter upper maintenance, some departments have been designed with radiation shelters to weather out radstorms.
  • 4 ladder hatches can be located at each tram dock to allow quick access to the lower maintenance tunnel that runs below the tram line.
  • Several spots along the station have engineering-secured rooms that route the power and distro between the floors, including ladder access as well.

Departmental Layouts

Due to the planned usage of multi-z, some departments have had some unique overhauls to take advantage of the mechanic.

Left Segment

Service Wing

  • Located on the left segment, top section.
  • Upper service wing holds the courtroom, hydroponics, and the kitchen.
  • Hydroponics has a lower section dedicated to beekeeping with a simple starter kit.
  • Kitchen has a glass floor looking down into the new underground bar segment.
  • Underground bar accessed via 2 staircases besides the kitchen, leading into the lower tunnel system.

Civilian Wing

  • Located on the left segment, bottom section.
  • Upper floor is a large dorm section with a glass overhang looking into the lower lounge area.
  • Lower floor is a centralized area with all major civilian rooms, include the Chapel, Library, and the holodeck in the center.
  • The dorms fitting room area has been replaced with a Landromat with the same clothing options you'd expect and a lot more washing machines.
  • The restrooms are actually rigged up with a fluid pipe system stored in a nearby maintenance shaft under custodial access.

Central Segment

Command Wing

  • Located on the central segment, top section.
  • Has hatch access inside the bridge that leads to the AI Upload room on the lower floor.

Security Wing

  • Located on the central segment, top section.
  • Nested directly above the bridge and other sensitive areas (EVA, Teleporter, Gateway)
  • Circular Armory design
  • Vault access is via a ladder in the armory
  • Labor dock leads to an elevator that brings you to the lower prison wing
  • Centralized prison design nested directly under Security, prison showers are also connected to a custodial access system.

Medical Wing

  • Located on the central segment, bottom section.
  • Central security outpost overlooks entire departments.

Engineering Wing

  • Located on the central wing, bottom section on the lower floor.
  • Telecomms is integrated to Engineering.
  • Tech Storage is located to the left, above Engineering's Foyer.
  • Atmospherics has a firefighting foam tank, a direct access line to the turbine, and an experimentation room for a certain engine.
  • The CE's office has full view into both Engineering and Atmospherics, able to quickly walk between both.

Right Segment

Cargo Wing

  • Located on the right segment, top section.
  • Due to map complexity and tram layout, mulebots aren't exactly viable here, so Cargo has been given a recharge bay and a ripley (no pressurized cabin).
  • Mail room is on the floor directly above disposals for easy trash access.
  • Mining has a lower section with a mini dorms area and break room that can be accessed via a central staircase in the main cargo area.

Research Wing

  • Located on the right segment, bottom section.
  • RD's office is mostly centralized with glass looking out.
  • Multi-Z Xenobiology with upper overhangs looking into the lower containment chambers for slimes. Each floor has a kill chamber for easy management.
  • Access to the AI core is in the lower-right through the hallway segment.
  • RnD, Nanites, Robotics, Server Room, and Genetics are located on the upper floor.
  • Experimentor, Toxins, and the break room are located on the lower floor.

AI Core

  • Located below the right segment, with a pressurized entrance being accessible through the Research wing.
  • Beefy 2-story fortress equipped with it's own solar array for self-sufficient power.
  • Upper floor has an overhang that looks into the lower section that leads into the core itself.
  • Lower floor has a large open section that leads to the central maintenance shaft or upper access.
  • Looks cool.

Further info regarding Tramstation can be found in this thread on the /tg/ forums, showing the initial progress and updates. Feedback is welcomed.

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