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Free Golem

Руководители: Yourself
Уровень сложности: Medium
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: N/A
Обязанности: Yeah, go do whatever.
Минимальные требования: Нет

Generic rd.png
The Liberator says:
"Hey, happy birthday! Now just, eh... Yeah, go do whatever. I'm going for a walk."

You are a Free Golem. Your family worships The Liberator. In his infinite and divine wisdom, he set your clan free to travel the stars with a single declaration: "Yeah go do whatever." Though you are bound to the one who created you, it is customary in your society to repeat those same words to newborn golems, so that no golem may ever be forced to serve again.

You are basically a bunch of miners with low tech equipment, metal for skin (and clothing) and a god-given command to go do whatever. Fun times to be had!

Your very own (not so) mobile home.

Your base of operations is small, yet cozy. It contains all the necessary amenities for a modern space-tourist: water, welding fuel, toolboxes, a few medkits full of cobbychems, two cargo bays full of low tech mining supplies, an NT-standard ORM, autolathe and mining equipment vendor, and video games. What less would one expect from a stolen Donk Co. transportation shuttle?

Also on your ship is something that your people have built with your own hands in the time before your awakening: a shrine to his infinite wisdom, The Liberator. Remember to pay your respects each time you pass! Or break the glass and steal his book. He told you to go do whatever; who's he to complain?

Outside, you will find rocks, lava, and blazing hot windstorms. This is because your house happens to have settled on the surface of lavaland, years or even centuries ago, based on how thoroughly encrusted the surrounding rock is. Be wary when mining; you may be tough, but you're slow as hell, and you can't use kinetic accelerators for self defense without purchasing a really expensive mod. It's a good job you don't breathe, or else you'd be stuck in a cramped ship for the rest of your days!

If you feel so inclined, perhaps doing whatever could include reproducing. This is easy enough; on you ship, you will find a golem creation disk, the product of rigorous research by your ancestral creator. With this, you can use the autolathe to produce golem shells for 20 iron sheets, which you can then finish up with 10 sheets of any metal. Once that happens, ghosts of past heroes will be free to inhabit the newly created golem, and will be infused with a command passed from the liberator to you, and from you to the newborn golem: "Yeah, go do whatever." You can command them, but they'll only listen if they feel like it; having slaves would be blasphemous, after all.

Friendly neighbors

A wide variety of sentient creatures can be found if you dig far enough. All kinds of fleshy buddies who may or may not be friendly to you! Of course, you're under no obligation to be friendly to them, but friends are nicer than enemies.

From the southwest, a bunch of fleshy humans with neat guns keep popping up, and a few lizards too. They seem to be digging for something, not unlike you and your metallic brothers. Not only that, they use a lot of the same gear that the Liberator left you with, and their outfits seem to have some of the same symbols. Maybe they're followers of the Liberator as well? Or maybe they come from the same place?

Somewhere out in that big, wild wilderness is a village full of half-naked lizards that walk on their toes and don't need to breathe. They don't seem interested in digging, just hunting and eating. They don't seem to be friends with the humans, but maybe they'll think different of golems? After all, the Liberator probably wouldn't mind if you made friends with some weird lizards that don't like his human buddies; he told you to do whatever, who's he to judge? Might be a good idea to have a robust weapon handy, though, just in case. They might mistake a big, stony guy like you for the goliaths roaming around.

Rumors passed down from the earliest generations of the Liberator's disciples speak of an ancient vault hidden away deep in the caverns of lavaland, filled with a resplendent jungle and talking leaf people! Although, it doesn't look like they can leave without help. Maybe if you make friends with them and let them come back to your home-ship, they'll give you presents? The old texts speak of delicious fruits and strong drugs coming from their vault!

How to Dig, Golem-Style

Being that you're stranded in the middle of lavaland, the first thing you're going to want to do is start mining. This will be easy enough; your ship offers you gear suitable for such a task, spread between the upper and lower cargo bays. The upper cargo bay contains crates filled with mining satchels, shovels, pickaxes, lanterns, manual ore scanners, and mining IDs capable of holding points. The lower cargo bay contains handy-dandy ore boxes, for storing your spoils. With these resources combined (and maybe the resonators in your spawn rooms) you are captain golem! The greatest miner that lavaland has ever seen!

Basically, mining goes how it does for the humans, but a fair bit slower. Keep your scanner on hand in case you need to diffuse gibtonite, and patiently increase your mining level as you pick away at the rock. Or don't, if you use the resonator. Be mindful of the wildlife; you may have robust protection against their attacks, but with your speed, it can be hard to avoid being hit by them, especially the watchers. Those freeze rays are so hard to avoid!

Dig and prosper!

If you were commanded to go do whatever, why would you bother digging? Because your ship is loaded with three pieces of equipment that are worthless until you get your pick swinging! (Or resonator resonating, however you prefer to handle this mining business.)

First, the Ore Redemption Machine. Ore Redemption Machine. A standard from the place that the Liberator is rumored to come from, this will swallow any loose ores dropped north of it, and convert them into usable material! You can make sheets and alloys from it, which can be further used to create the many valuable things that will keep your society moving.

Second, the Autolathe. Autolathe. This is the lifeblood of your society, as it is the place where new golems are made. On the table beside it lies a golem creation disk; simply slip this disk into the autolathe, and it will learn how to forge the base of a golem from twenty sheets worth of iron. These bases can then be plated with ten sheets of most any material in order to become inhabitable by a soul. Also, the autolathe can produce all sorts of handy tools and doodads!

Note that when making golems, the material you finish with has many effects on the stats of the golem you produce. Check out here for a run-down of what materials do what.

Third, the equipment vendor. As you pour your ores into the Ore Redemtion Machine, you will earn points, and these points can be redeemed here to grow your tribe, and your prowess! You can even get a kinetic accelerator here, and a modkit to allow your fat fingers to use it, though those are quite expensive. The most praised item by far is the Liberator's legacy, a kit containing everything you need to create your very own R&D set-up, just like the Liberator used to forge the beginnings of your civilization. Create it, and prosper from a small family to a galaxy-spanning civilization!

Here's a list of what you can get from the equipment vendor:

Free Golem Equipment Vendor
Free Golem Equipment Vendor
Free Golem Equipment Vendor List
Item Description cPrice
1 Marker Beacon A glowing prism stone that you can anchor to the ground. Useful if you tend to get lost. a10 Points
10 Marker Beacon Same as above, but 10 beacons. a100 Points
30 Marker Beacon Same as above, but 30 beacons. a300 Points
Whiskey bottle.png
A bottle of alcohol, great for making you vomit and pass out, and have a great time of it. a100 Points
Absinthe bottle.png
A bottle of alcohol, great for making you hallucinate really bad and pass out. a100 Points
The humans love to put these in their mouths, but they don't do it for you. a150 Points
A bar of slippery soap. Good for cleaning up the guts from that goliath you dragged in and slaughtered. a200 Points
Laser pointer.png
Laser Pointer
Just a laser pointer, don't shite it into people's eyes. Useful if someone decides to throw and angry robot at you. a300 Points
Toy Facehugger
An extremely realistic-looking facehugger toy, to prank each other with. Latches onto faces and tears off masks. a300 Points
Stabilizing Serum
Can be used on legion souls to prevent them from decaying. a400 Points
Fulton beacon.png
Fulton Beacon
Creates an anchored beacon when used in hand that fulton packs can target as a drop-off point. a400 Points
Bluespace Shelter Capsule
The Shelter Capsule is indispensable for long expeditions: it creates an ash-storm proof 3x3 room complete with breathable air (not that you need it), a sleeper and some warm donk-pockets. a400 Points
Gar mesons.png
GAR Mesons
A pair of very sharp meson scanners. Can be thrown as a weapon, with a chance to embed. a500 Points
Miner webbing.png
Chest Webbing
Can be worn on the belt slot, stores mining equipment. a500 Points
Survival Medipen
Contains several healing and heat-stabilizing chemicals. Using more than one in a short period will cause several overdoses. Even though golems are immune to syringes, medipens work! a500 Points
Brute First-Aid Kit
Contains bandages and brute-healing patches Good for cleaning up after a scuffle with a goliath. a600 Points
Tracking Implant Kit
Contains three tracking implants and a locator; useful if you want others to find your corpse for up to 10 minutes after death. a600 Points
Wormhole Jaunter
One-use item that creates a wormhole to a random beacon on station. The portal is unstable and will make you dizzy after using it. Can be worn on the belt slot to prevent death on chasms. a750 Points
Kinetic crusher.png
Proto-kinetic Crusher
A powerful two-handed melee weapon. Shoots kinetic bolts that don't deal damage, but break rock and can mark large creatures making the hammer deal increased damage (20->50 Brute) when used on them. It will deal even greater damage (80) on backstab, but good luck getting behind your prey on those slow, heavy golem legs of yours.
What makes the Crusher special, is that you can use it without any need for modification! Also, enemies killed by it have a chance to drop trophies, which are like "modkits" that can be attached to the Crusher for upgrades, but that's not nearly as cool.
a750 Points
Proto-kinetic Accelerator
The classic mining weapon. Sure your fat fingers won't fit in the trigger guard, but with a bit of effort (1700 points' worth) you can upgrade it to be golem-usable. a750 Points
Advanced Mining Scanner
A massive upgrade over the Manual Mining Scanners you start with. This tool has a much larger detection radius of seven tiles (the entire screen), and checks automatically, even if it's in your bag/webbing! Don't forget to turn it on. a800 Points
Another one of the resonators that your ship starts with. Handy if your brothers keep getting lost and/or killed. a800 Points
Fulton pack.png
Fulton Extraction Pack
A balloon that can be used to extract equipment or personnel who are outside (not within the station or the mining base) to a Fulton Recovery Beacon. Anything not bolted down can be moved. Swap which beacon the pack is aiming at by using the pack in hand. It has a limited number of uses, examine the pack to check how many are left. a1000 Points
Lazarus hypo.png
Lazarus Injector
A miracle injection capable of reviving simple living beings from death, making them friendly to you and the other sentients around the land. Useless on humans, monkeys, golems, lizards, and other complex living beings. Make pets from the goliaths and watchers you've been slaying! a1000 Points
Silver-plated Pickaxe
Slightly better than the default pickaxe, and a decent hold-over until you can afford a KA that you can use. a1000 Points
Mining Conscription Kit
A dufflebag containing a proto-kinetic accelerator, survival knife, seclite, mesons, an ore scanner and satchel, an explorer suit and gas mask, a supply encryption key and a card which adds mining access to IDs. Not as much worth to a golem as to a human, since you still need to upgrade the KA, you can make kitchen knives at the autolathe, lanterns and ore satchels come standard around here, and the only piece of clothing you can even wear is the mesons. Although at the same time, you do get a dufflebag out of the deal... a 1500 Points
Mining jetpack.png
Mining Jetpack Upgrade
A jetpack that you can attach to any hardsuit for better mobility. Useless since you can't wear hardsuits. a2000 Points
Cash 1000.png
Space Cash
A thousand credits, to spend however you want! Of course, it's almost completely worthless to a golem. a2000 Points
Mining Hardsuit.png
Mining Hardsuit
A nostalgic suit piece from the older days of asteroid mining. Useless for a golem who can't wear clothing. a2000 Points
Diamond Pickaxe
For when you want to dig things with a pickaxe and have points to burn, you can always buy this instead of buying a KA + modkit or the liberator's legacy. Slower than the KA when digging in a straight line, but great for digging 3-wide tunnels, and with a bit of mining skill, you can easily compete with a standard KA. a2000 Points
Super (Upgraded) Resonator
Like the one that you start with just one of that the self-proclaimed big boss of your civilization probably took for himself as soon as he woke up. We'll see who's the grand poo-bah of golemia now! a2500 Points
Jump boots.png
Jump Boots
A pair of boots that allow you to jump over three tiles, skipping chasms. Worthless for golems, as they cannot wear boots. a2500 Points
Luxury Shelter Capsule
Tired of cramped shelter capsules? This is for you! Comes with a three-course meal, a deluxe companion and much more. a3000 Points
Luxury Elite Bar Capsule
A luxury bar in a capsule. Bartender required and not included. a10000 Points
KA White Tracer Rounds Mod
A modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible, in a white color. a100 Points
KA Adjustable Tracer Rounds Mod
A modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible. Use in hand to cycle between colors. a150 Points
Super KA Chassis Mod
A modkit that makes your KA look yellow, like one of the no longer existing Super-Kinetic Accelerators. a250 Points
Hyper KA Chassis Mod
A modkit that makes your KA look orange, like one of the no longer existing Hyper-Kinetic Accelerators. a300 Points
KA Range Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's range by 1. a1000 Points
KA Damage Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's damage by 10. a1000 Points
KA Cooldown Mod
A modkit that reduces your KA's cooldown by 0.25 seconds. a1000 Points
KA AoE Damage Mod
A modkit that makes your KA hit in a 3x3 AoE, dealing 20% of the original damage per modkit. a2000 Points
Mining Drone
This helpful little guy goes around collecting loose ore so you don't have to. Will drop its haul when you hit it with the mining scanner. Clicking on it with an empty hand will toggle it between ore collection and wildlife fighting mode, where it will attack xenos with its built-in kinetic accelerator and drill. Will not pick up sand with no nearby ore around, for some reason. Comes with an upgraded welding tool if redeemed via voucher. It cannot be repaired while it is fighting. It can be further upgraded with special modules bought from the vending machine to increase its effectiveness. a500 Points
Drone: Melee Upgrade
Increases the Drone's melee damage. a400 Points
Drone: Health Upgrade
Increases the Drone's health. a400 Points
Drone: Ranged Upgrade
Decreases the Drone's ranged weapon's cooldown. a600 Points
Drone: AI Upgrade
Installs a high tech AI into the Drone (grants a ghost control over the Drone). a1000 Points
Id regular.png
Extra ID
An extra ID that works for holding money and entering the station those funny humans come from. a250 Points
Science Goggles.png
Science Goggles
A pair of regular science goggles, just like the Liberator once wore. a250 Points
Monkey Cube.png
Monkey Cube
A single monkey cube. Just add water. Tasty monkey meat! a300 Points
A toolbelt, like the ones those humans like to wear. a350 Points
Royal Cape of the Liberator
A replica of the Liberator's majestic cape. A must-have for every Free Golem. a500 Points
Grey Slime Extract
They say the liberator was a great xenobiologist once. Why not follow in his footsteps? a1000 Points
Trigger Guard Modification Kit
A trigger modkit that finally allows you to use the Kinetic Accelerator. a1700 Points
The Liberator's Legacy
A box with all circuit boards needed to build your own RnD department! The RnD console synchronizes with the research those humans are doing, which lets you mooch off of their success and prosper even quicker than they do. a2000 Points