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Adamantine Golem.png

Руководители: Your creator, if you have one.
Уровень сложности: Medium
Руководства: N/A
Доступ: None
Обязанности: Serve your creator utterly.
Минимальные требования: Нет

Golems are the souls of the dead encased in gemstone. They retain no memories of their previous lives, but retain the cunning, knowledge and personalities of those spirits. They are completely devoted to their creator, and will carry out any order given to them. Typically they are aligned with the station, but in the wrong hands, they can be devastating due to how resistant to damage they are.

Their toughness and obedience makes them ideal as Bodyguards, Security and Engineers. Their nature of creation means they often assist in Research areas, but due to their slowness, single-minded devotion and lack of availability, are seldom seen in Medical and Command roles.

Golems can be made of several metals and minerals, or they can be Adamantine Golems created directly from slimes.

Creating a Golem

Golems are created by spawning and completing a shell.

  • There are two ways to create shells:
    • Injecting 1 unit of plasma into an Adamantine Slime Extract, then using the resulting Adamantine bar to form a shell.
    • On the free golem ship, use the Golem Creation Disk to print one on the Autolathe.
  • After this, using 10 of any type of mineral on the shell will complete it, sending a warning to ghosts and observers, who can inhabit it at will to spawn as a golem of that mineral type.
  • Golems created from Adamantine bars will serve whoever finished the shell, while golems created with the autolathe on the free golem ship will have free will.


Golems are spaceworthy and tough as rock. Some are immune to heat, cold, electrical shocks, bleeding, embedding and viruses - this depends on the mineral type. In exchange, they are slow, cannot wear uniforms, masks, gloves, exosuits or shoes. However, they don't need to. Golems don't need a mask to use internals, and the pockets, ID, belt and exosuit storage slots can be used as normal. They are also free to use hats and backpacks, which can be used to distinguish them if their Creator has assigned them to a particular Department (Such as Security or Engineering).

Their armour is incredibly tough, and will reduce damage to less than half its strength. Their punches are stronger than humans', and have a chance to stun. Their rocky fingers also can't fit in the trigger guards of guns, so they can only use melee weapons, or modified Kinetic Accelerators.

They can enter space and wade into fires without concern, making them very versatile during emergencies such as plasma fires or hull breaches. Their loyalty to their master is absolute, so anything they do will be the responsibility of their creator: be wary of harming humans, as the crew will have no qualms about exterminating you and then your master.

Golems can be stunned in the same ways a human can, with the exception of syringe guns due to their thick skin; they take damage normally, after it is reduced by their armor, but they do not bleed. When in crit, instead of suffocating, they'll take brute damage over time, and cannot give or receive CPR.

Types of Golems

Golems gain traits from the minerals they're made of:

Material Description
Adamantine Golem.png Adamantine Adamantine Golems have special vocal cords that can resonate messages to all other golems, great for coordinating them. The first Free Golems spawn as this species, otherwise you'll need to do a bunch of Xenobiology to get the required Adamantine bars.
Iron golem.png Iron Iron Golems are the average golem, and do not have any additional traits.
Silver golem.png Silver Silver Golems pack heavier punches, granting them a higher chance of stunning. They are also magic immune!
Gold golem.png Gold Gold Golems are faster than an average golem, but are less armored. Yes, gold is heavy, but golems are magical and don't have to make sense.
Uranium golem.png Uranium Uranium Golems do not constantly emit radiation, but their punches deal a random small amount of radiation and burn damage.
Titanium golem.png Titanium Titanium Golems are more resistant to heat and are immune to ash storms in Lavaland.
Plastitanium golem.png Plastitanium Plastitanium Golems are, like Titanium Golems, heat resistant and immune to ash storms. On top of that, they are not harmed by lava.
Plasma golem.png Plasma Plasma Golems are controlled chaos: they can self-ignite themselves and, if hot enough while burning, they'll blow up! They do not take damage from fires but as mentioned before, blowing up is instant death. Great for suicide bombing your foolish samurais.
Diamond golem.png Diamond Diamond Golems have extremely high armor, making them hard to damage.
Plasteel golem.png Plasteel Plasteel Golems are even slower than normal golems, but they deal higher damage when punching (12-21), and are much less affected by stuns. They also magnetically attach to surfaces and and won't float without gravity, and cannot have their positions swapped with other beings even when not on Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. .
Sand golem.png Sand Sand Golems are unaffected by physical or kinetic bullets and are highly resistant to all other forms of brute damage, but they take triple burn damage from any source. On death, they'll turn into an unrevivable pile of sand.
Glass golem.png Glass Glass Golems reflect lasers and energy shots, and are highly resistant to burn damage, but they take triple brute damage from any source. When dying, they shatter and cannot be recovered in any way.
Bluespace golem.png Bluespace Polycrystals Bluespace Golems are extremely unstable and will randomly teleport when hit by anything more threatening than a hug. On top of that, they can also trigger the random teleportation manually, over a much wider area.
Wood golem.png Wood Wood Golems are the symbol of the collaboration between Podpeople and Free Golems. They lack the heat protection of golems, can be set on fire, and are less armoured, but they feed and regenerate when they are near a source of light, and starve and wither when in the darkness, much like normal podpeople.
Alloy golem.png Alien Alloy Alloy Golems are made with materials scavenged from abductor ships, which grant them greater speed and constant regeneration. Due to the alien nature of the materials, however, they are not able to communicate by speaking. They will, instead, send telepathic messages that can be heard by other alloy golems or abductors.
Bananium golem.png Bananium Bananium Golems are what a true clown dreams to be. They HONK constantly, willing or not; they have an inherently loud and funny voice, their punches hardly deal any damage, and when damaged they bleed slippery bananas. Make these at the risk of your own sanity.
Plastic golem.png Plastic Plastic Golems are very stretchy, and can thus ventcrawl as long as they aren't wearing or holding items. Due to material affinity, they can also pass through plastic flaps.
Runic golem.png Runic Metal Runic Golems are loosely affiliated with the Blood Cult, and draw their powers from the same source, although they aren't necessarily their allies. They can Jaunt, allowing them to cross walls for a time, they can cast an Abyssal Gaze onto a victim, chilling and blinding them temporarily, and can permanently Dominate animals and monsters, turning them to their (and their master's) side.
Cloth golem.png Cloth Created from cloth or medical gauze, these Golems are extremely flammable, and don't need to be doused in fuel to burn. But if they aren't burnt to death, they turn into a messy pile of cloth, that reanimates after some time, fully reviving them. The pile can of course be burnt or destroyed to prevent this. They are also magic immune!
Bronze golem.png Bronze As a Bronze Golem you are very resistant to loud noises, and make loud noises if something hard hits you. However this ability does hurt your hearing.
Bone golem.png Bone As a Bone Golem you have a powerful spell that lets you chill your enemies with fear, and milk heals you! Just make sure to watch out for bone-hurting juice.
Cardboard golem.png Cardboard As a Cardboard Golem you aren't very strong, but you are a bit quicker and can easily create more brethren by using cardboard on yourself.
Leather golem.png Leather As a Leather Golem you are flammable, but you can grab things with incredible ease, allowing all your grabs to start at a strong level.
Durathread golem.png Durathread As a Durathread Golem your strikes will cause your targets to start choking, but your woven body won't withstand fire very well.
Snow golem.png Snow Snow golems have slightly less armor than regular golems and take triple burn damage. They are immune to snowstorms, can create snowballs and have cryokinesis powers. On death they turn into a pile of snow and a carrot.
Brokenbottle.png Metal Hydrogen Made of metallized hydrogen. Forged in the highest pressures and the highest heats. Immune to magic, flashes, heat and fire. Metallic Hydrogen golems are not immune to cold and are not spaceworthy.

Free Golems

Free golems were freed from servitude by a scientist they revere as The Liberator. In his infinite and divine wisdom, he set their clan free to travel the stars with a single declaration:

"Yeah go do whatever."

Sometimes one of these ships may end up crashing in Lavaland. These golems, should they wake up from hibernation, will effectively be free of any master, and will usually mine and eventually build their own R&D department. They are peaceful unless disturbed.

Free Golems start with a Golem Creation Disk, which contains a unique autolathe design that creates a Golem Shell, without any need for slimes. Unlike those made in xenobiology, however, golems made from these shells are not enslaved to their creator.