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DonutStation as of 7-29-2019. Click for full resolution.


DonutStation is a faithful recreation of the original 2012 Goonstation map called, well, DonutStation. Keeping in theme with the original layout, most of the design stays the same while bringing it to a modern age and a different code branch.

Key points to note are that:

  • The map itself is based on a circular design, with one major hallway that connects every department.
  • A supermatter engine is placed in the middle of the station within it's own isolated satellite, making direct sabotage harder but the effects of engine destruction much more likely felt by the crew past Engineering itself.
  • Dual-prong escape wing with a custom shuttle to fit said design.
  • Disposals loop directly into the waste disposal room instead of having a mid-way at cargo. Better hope that the crusher isn't emagged.
  • Atmospherics uses gas miners for their gas production at a slower rate, meaning gas spills are more dangerous but won't ruin the station's entire supply if done once.
  • The distro/waste loop takes advantage of the layered piping mechanic for a cleaner pipe layout.
  • The AI core and Telecomms are separate satellites attached to the bottom section of the station.
  • The bridge is a larger section with their own emergency room, fit with tools and even a space-worthy suit for when shit inevitably goes down.

Further info regarding DonutStation can be found in this thread on the /tg/ forums, showing the initial progress and updates. Feedback is welcomed.

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Updated 3-22-2019. The singularity engine was replaced with a supermatter, requiring a revamp of Engineering and the pronged arms extending off from the engine room itself

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