Материал из Fluffy Frontier
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Skateboard Cheap, fast, but easy to lose control of. Careful not to crash into literally anything.
Scooter A skateboard with a handle, trades speed for maneuverability.
Janicart This pimpin' ride spawns in the janitor's closet along with its keys Janicart keys.png, which are required to operate it. Can hold a trash bag and be upgraded with a floor buffer from R&D to clean stains by simply driving over them. So light, an actual lizard can push it around.
Janicart.pngJanicart side.png
Secway A quick vehicle for security enforcers, comes with sirens. Can be found in the vicinity of the Armory, where its keys Secway keys.png usually spawn.
ATV all terrain vehicle A quartermasters favourite, can be ordered for 2000 credits with a hacked console. Comes with a set of keys Atv keys.png required for its use.
Atv.pngAtv side.png
Boat Craftable from goliath hides, this boat lets you navigate lava. Requires an Oar goliath.pngoar.
Goliath boat.png
Dragon Boat A misterious boat found in a bottle, it will let you navigate over lava, and is self propelled.
Dragon boat.png
Cyborg Though you cannot steer them physically, ASIMOV'S law 2 makes them for great all-access self driving cars. Beware, they can spin to throw you off.
Generic borg.png
Bicycle Can be purchased for 1000000 credits at cargo.
Speedbike Now this is podracing! Can be either blue or red. Moves freely in space, but doesn't protect against cold or lack of pressure.
Speedbike.pngSpeedbike side.png
Speedwagon Is that a JoJo reference?
Speedwagon.pngSpeedwagon side.png