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Hud-intent.gifIntents have been removed from the game on February 4th, 2021. This page is archived for historical purposes. For modern methods of helping, shoving, grabbing, and harming, please see Combat Mode.Hud-intent.gif

The intent selector Hud-intent.gif allows you to choose how you're going to interact with the items and the environment around you. It has four modes: Help, Disarm, Grab, and Harm, in clockwise order from the top left.

Help Intent Help.png

Used for helpful and peaceful interactions, the help intent is likely the one you'll have selected the most often. Most items with require you to have the help intent selected to use them, otherwise you'll wield them as an improvised weapon and bash things (and other people).

Файл:Nuvola apps important.svgExceptions
Clicking on another character with a syringe or food in your hand will use it on them regardless of your current intent. This will always produce a message about you forcefully injecting/feeding them, and your target will see this message in big red letters on their screen, so be sure to warn them if you're actually trying to be helpful.
Items with no helpful use will still be used to bash even while in help intent. Remember that some items require you to click on them while they're in your hand - try that if you just bashed yourself by accident.

While you have the help intent active you'll allow others to push you aside when they walk into you, whilst with every other intent you'll block their movement. If two players with Help intent run into each other, they'll swap places instead of blocking each other's movement.

Clicking on someone with an empty hand and help intent is used for a few special interactions:

  • If they're in crit, you'll perform CPR in an attempt to revive them. Make sure both of you have your mouths free (remove their mask by dragging their body onto yours)!
  • If they're on the floor and not in crit, you'll help them back to their feet. Since being knocked down stops you from performing most actions, this can be a life saver.
  • Otherwise, you'll give them a hug.

Disarm Intent Intent Disarm.png

The Disarm intent is used to nonlethally disarm and incapacitate people. If you click on someone with an empty hand while on Disarm, you'll shove them.

  • Shoving someone pushes them one tile away from you. If there is nothing blocking them, they are slowed down very slightly for 3 seconds. If you shove someone again while they are slowed, it knocks ranged weapons out of their active hand.
  • If the blocking tile has a table on it, they're pushed onto it knocking them over for 3 seconds.
  • If the blocking tile has another human on it, it knocks them both over, the collateral victim for 1.1 second instead of 3.
  • If the tile is blocked by something else, it knocks them down for 3 seconds.
  • If target is already knocked down (from any source, including slipping), shoving them will paralyze for 3 seconds. This paralyze cannot be chained or extended, so shoving them again while they're paralyzed does not extend the length.
  • You can not shove someone while standing on their tile.

It's also important to note that these actions only work if you're clicking on the target with an empty hand, just as with all intents.

Grab Intent Intent Grab.png

The Grab intent allows you to, as it says, grab people. Grabbing someone with Grab intent works differently from control-clicking. If you click on someone with an empty hand, you'll have a passive grab, which makes you pull people. You stop dragging the same way you stop pulling. See Keyboard Shortcuts or click "pull" to release. Dragging prone people will slow you down. While on passive grab, clicking on the person once more upgrades it to an aggressive grab. The target can press "resist" to try to escape from an aggressive or above grab level. Once you have an aggressive grab, you can do the following:.

  • Throw the person (by enabling throwing, then clicking somewhere)
  • Fireman carry them if they're prone (by click dragging their sprite onto yours).
  • Click them again to slowly upgrade the grab to a level 3 neck grab.

With neck grab you deal no damage, but it's harder for them to resist and get away.

  • Click them one last time to slowly upgrade the grab to level 4, strangling.

When strangling you deal suffocation damage to the target, and the target has the lowest chance (20% per try) to successfully resist out of the grab. Failing to resist out of a grab will deal some stamina damage to you.

Harm Intent Intent Harm.png

The Harm intent will harm. On standing targets you will attempt to punch them, which deals 1.5-15 stamina and 1-10 brute damage. The chance to miss a punch increases the more stamina and brute damage you have. Punching has a chance to knockdown the target for at least 4 seconds. The more brute and stamina damage the target has, the longer the target will be knocked down. If using harm intent on prone targets you will kick them, which deals 1.5-15 brute damage, with no chance to miss.

Using a lit Welding Tool with harm intent on an airlock will weld it shut. Don't forget to wear a welding mask or you may blind yourself!

Using harm intent while holding a container with liquid in it will splash all of the contents on your target. Useful if you want to quickly empty the container, make the floor wet or pour acid on something (or someone).