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This page is for mapping purposes, and details what Id numbers need to be used for what in-game access.

Use var "req_access_txt" or "req_one_access_txt" with the required accesses (numbers corresponding to areas) in brackets, separated by semicolons.

The var "req_access_txt" requires you to have all the accesses in the list, while "req_one_access_txt" requires you to have one of the accesses in the list.

Command Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
15 Change_IDs
16 AI_Upload
17 Teleporter
18 EVA
19 Heads Bridge, EVA storage windoors, gateway shutters, AI integrity restorer, comms console
20 Captain
21 All_Personal_Lockers
53 Vault
57 HOP Head of Personnel
59 RC_Annouce Request Console Annoucements
60 Keycard_Auth Used for events that require 2 people to confirm them.
62 Gateway
65 Minisat
67 Network Ntnet diagonistics/monitoring software
Security Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
1 Security Security equipment, security records, gulag item storage, secbots
2 Brig Brig cells+timers, permabrig, gulag+gulag shuttle, prisoner management console
3 Armory Armory, gulag teleporter, execution chamber
4 Forensics Locker Detective's office, forensics lockers, security+medical records
42 Court Courtroom
58 HOS Head of Security
63 Sec_Doors Outer brig doors and secposts
66 Weapons Weapons permits for secbots/turrets
Medical Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
5 Medical General Access
6 Morgue Morgue
33 Chemistry Allows access to chemistry factory areas on compatible maps
39 Virology
40 CMO
45 Surgery
69 Pharmacy Pharmacy (Chemistry) room access
70 Psychology
Cargo Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
31 Cargo
41 QM
48 Mining
50 Mailsorting Mailroom/Deliveries
54 Mining_Station
64 Mineral_Storeroom Allows release of minerals from the ORM
Service Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
12 Maint_Tunnels
13 External_Airlocks
22 Chapel_Office
25 Bar
26 Janitor
27 Cremator
28 Kitchen
35 Hydroponics
37 Library
38 Lawyer
45 Theatre Theater Access
Engineering Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
10 Engine Engineering area, power monitor, power flow control console
11 Engine_Equip APCs,EngiVend/YouTool, engineering equipment lockers
23 Tech_Storage
24 Atmospherics
32 Construction Power Monitoring, Minisat Maintenance, Misc. Maintenance Areas.
56 CE Chief Engineer
61 TCOMSAT Access to telecomms satellite and machinery
72 Access_Aux_Base Auxiliary Base Access
Science Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
7 RND General RnD Access
8 Toxins Toxin's lab and burn chamber
9 Genetics
29 Robotics
30 RD
47 Research
55 Xenobiology
71 Toxins_Storage Toxins tank storage room
Admin/Misc/Syndicate Access:
Id Number Id Name Extra Information
101 Cent_General Centcomm Ferry and general access
102 Cent_Thunder Thunderdome
103 Cent_SpecOps Captain's display case, Maurader and Seraph Mechs
104 Cent_Medical
104 Cent_Living
105 Cent_Storage
106 Cent_Storage
107 Cent_Teleporter
109 Cent_Captain
110 Cent_Bar
150 Syndicate Syndicate mechs, ruins, and general access
151 Syndicate_Leader Nuke Ops Leader
200 Away_General Generic away-missions
201 Away_Maint
202 Away_Med
203 Away_Sec
204 Away_Engine
205 Away_Generic1
206 Away_Generic2
207 Away_Generic3
208 Away_Generic4
250 Access_Bloodcult Internal, not for doors
300 Mech_Mining For internal mech components and keycard reqs
301 Mech_Medical
302 Mech_Security
303 Mech_Science
304 Mech_Engine

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