Guide to Gorilla

Материал из Fluffy Frontier
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The ways of returning to monke

There are 3 ways to make yourself a Gorilla.

I will be only showing the Supermatter way, but feel free to edit in other ways as well!

Making yourself a Gorilla using the Supermatter

I suggest to join as Station Engineer so you would not have to rely on anyone.

After you join, do the following in the same order:

  1. First, set up the Supermatter. Or ask/wait someone else to do so. If you pick the second option skip straight to the next step.
  2. Go to Genetics, if there are Geneticists inside, ask them politely to be let in. If not, screwdriver the door panel open, pulse the "Main Power 1" or "Main Power 2" wire and crowbar the door open. (More information at Illicit Access). Then either ask Geneticist to open the window of the Monkey Pen, or smash it with anything heavy nearby, I suggest Fire Extinguisher. Pull The monkey and drag it sprite onto DNA scanner when it's 1 tile away from it. Open up the DNA Console, open the sequencer up and click on different DNA Strings until you will find the Monkified mutation. Click "Print Activator" and put the activator in your backpack. Also take a few Mutadone Pills from Genetics or make your own in Chemistry/Pharmacy.
    1. You should grab Mutadone Pills in case you will get a random teleportation mutation, which can teleport you into space.
  3. After that, go to Medbay Storage. Again, either break in using the techniques mentioned above or ask Medical Personnel to open it for you. You are interested in Green Medkits, and specifically the syriniver syringes in them. Take a few of those, 3 should be a handfull, however I'm sure 2 is just enough.
  4. Go back to Engineering, that's where you spawned, and go to the supermatter area, on the way get a Geiger Counter, it's usually in the lockers of Radiation Suits.
  5. Here is a
    Where to stand when becoming a gorrila.png
    screenshot. Green = Good spot; Orange = Questionable spot; Red = Death spot.
    1. Go to any tiles which are in green circle and inject yourself with the Monkified Activator you got earlier in Genetics, turn off the Radiation Collectors but do not take out the plasma tanks.
    2. Turn on the Geiger Counter by clicking on it, or pressing Z in hotkey mode and click on yourself with it. It will say "RADIATION LEVEL: something". When you reach 4000~ Radiation Level you will become a gorilla.
    3. Pay attention to Chat, every time it will eventually say "You mutate!" see if you teleport or start dying, and if that's the case, take the Mutadone Pill and swallow it. If you will see a green circle on your monke it's for the better, as it will speed the process by a lot. It will consume more syringes though.
    4. Pay attention to your Health/Stun sensor, every time it will become red take the syriniver syringe and inject 1 doze (1 click) into yourself.
    5. In my experience, it takes around 20~ minutes to become a gorilla from the start of the shift.
    6. After you are a Gorilla, enable the Radiation Collectors back.

That's it. You returned to monke. Congratulations!


  • Since Gorillas cannot wear anything you will be holding Storage Items (Backpacks, Satchels, and Duffle Bags) in your hands at all times, so get yourself a Duffle Bag cause it's only downside is that when you wear it on your back you will be slower, but since you cannot wear it on your back there are no downsides and it's just better.
  • Gorillas cannot be stunned or shoved, so Greytide will be afraid of you.
  • Like Monkeys, Gorillas can get Nanites. However they cannot get mutations from Genetics.
  • Gorillas have the health system of Critters so they cannot be wounded, instead they have HP, which you can see at the status tab above the Chat.
  • Unlike Monkeys, Gorillas can use Computers and Machines (R&D Console, Autolathe, PDA's, etc), as well as cut Walls with Welding Tool.