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Gameplay/Interface Tips


  • You can use period instead of a colon for non general chat. No more accidents!
  • You can click on the 'Chat' button at the bottom of the Dreamseeker window, and never have to type 'Say' again.
  • Control + arrow key makes you face that direction so long as you are not clicked into the chat bar.
  • Have throw active and you will automatically catch things thrown at you, such as pies, or bombs.
  • You can open containers like boxes and bags by standing next to them and alt + clicking them or dragging them onto your sprite.
  • Some things that are normally static and dispense when clicked on (paperboxes) or have other functionality (body bags) can be picked up by dragging to your character, which will put them in your active hand should it be empty (wonderful bonus for a Head of Personnel looking to centralize their paperwork supply or a Medical Doctor kidnapping people moving bodies in a bluespace body bag).
  • You can button up your labcoat/jumpsuit by using the alt-clicking it, or right-clicking it and picking "Change suit style".
  • Fore = north, aft = south, starboard = east and port = west.
  • Press tab to activate hotkey mode. WASD to move, Q to drop, R to throw, T to talk, F, G, Z to use what's in your hand, and X to switch hands.
  • You can add items to boxes even if the box is already in your backpack. No need to Tetris.
  • :l, :r, and :i are some of the most important things to know how to use in the event of radio issues. :r and :l will attempt to speak into radios held in either your right or left hand, and :i can be used to speak into an intercom if you're adjacent to it.
  • BYOND's stretch to fit distorts the view. Use 64x64.
  • You can Ctrl+F search any BYOND window (helps A LOT with PDA's and computer terminals).
  • In the job selection menu, from the lobby, you can use right click on the "Low/Medium/High" priority button to make it cycle backwards.
  • Double click to teleport or orbit as a ghost.
  • As a ghost you can orbit the Nuke Disk, the AI eye, and the nuclear fission explosive.
  • Alt + Click on a tile near you to open a list of its items in a tab. Useful when trying to find a specific item in a big pile.
  • BYOND's command-enter bar has autocomplete. Sui will autocomplete to Toggle-Suit-Sensors, sa will autocomplete to Say ". Type "id" or "pen", hit space and enter to remove said item from your PDA. This doesn't work if you have more than one ID on your person.
  • Right clicking the chat box brings up a menu. You can use that menu to get logs.
  • You can just drag headsets to your screen too to open them, like PDAs.
  • You can fit more people on a tile if you rest and slide onto that tile. Great for escape pods!

Combat Tips


  • Punching people in the mouth has a random chance of stunning and/or KO. It's the same for punching to the head, though mouth might have a slightly higher weaken chance.
  • Bomb suits function as ghetto riot gear.
  • Lit welding tools two- or three-hit carp.
  • Steal an empty bottle from the bar, fill it with welder fuel and grab a lighter. Smash the bottle on your target's head and use the lighter on them while they're stunned. Now they are on fire. This is particularly effective as a self defense measure assuming you can't get your hands on some proper weapons. While fire will take several seconds before doing serious damage, most people won't be carrying anything to extinguish it. They can resist to put it out but resisting out of being on fire is an auto stun, otherwise they can keep fighting and all you'll have to do is keep your distance until they burn to death. Their only option is running away. The added benefit of fire is that armors don't generally have fire protection, that makes it a great weapon against better equipped foes like nuke ops with their pesky armor and shield, assuming you can get close enough, but once you manage it's going to ruin their day.
  • There's a roman shield in the premium items of the autodrobe. It has all the same benefits as a normal riot shield from the armory.
  • If you achieve a neck grab (or level 3 grab) on someone, you can target their head in combat mode, and using any sharp object, slit the target's throat, causing a massive bleeding wound.
  • Throwing people and corpses, an action done by achieving an aggressive grab (or level 2 grab), causes knockdowns on people.
  • Once you've got a level 2 grab on someone, you can target a table in combat mode to throw them onto it, causing a quick short stun and stamina damage; a useful trick for a non-lethal takedown. This is called tabling. A level 3 grab however will make you slam the targeted part of the victim onto the table violently, causing major damage and broken bones on limbs.

Silicon Tips

AI.gif Generic borg.png

  • Shortcuts for quickly controlling things:
    • Airlocks:
      • Shift-Click opens and closes.
      • Ctrl-Click drops or raises bolts.
      • Alt-Click toggles electrification.
      • Ctrl-Shift-Click toggles emergency access (lets anyone open the door)
    • APCs:
      • Ctrl-Click toggles the main breaker on or off.
    • Turret Controls:
      • Ctrl-Click turns turrets on or off.
      • Alt-Click switches to lethal mode.
  • You can put fire alarm frames, newscasters, etc. onto walls as a cyborg. Drag it onto the tile just adjacent to the wall you want to put it onto, face the wall, and use a screwdriver on the frame.
  • Panic siphoning a room is often faster, but area denial can be done much more effectively by overpressurizing it by disabling pressure checks on the vents. Space wind will keep out anyone without magboots.
  • If a fully-powered engine is wired directly to the grid, the power can sometimes be enough to send anyone touching a shocked airlock into critical condition instantly.
  • In the rare event that another AI is remotely turning off your APC, re-enabling the main power but keeping the lights off will give off the appearance that you're still depowered. This won't often work on observant AIs, but if they're trying to kill you then things are generally too hectic to pay close attention.
  • Hulks are not considered human under Asimov. Feel free to laser them as they punch into your core. Be careful, after hulks fall in crit they become human again and start suffocating, meaning you will then be required to help them immediately.
  • If you disable the safeties on an airlock, you can open and close it on someone for a chainstun and potential guaranteed kill.
  • Flooding a mix of plasma and oxygen is much more effective than pure plasma alone.
  • You can override the safeties on various bots to subvert their purpose as if you emagged them. Beepsky will arrest everyone they see and Cleanbots will lube the floor, for instance.
  • Engineering Cyborgs can move around in space by using either a fire extinguisher or making lattices by placing metal rods on a space tile.
  • As a silicon you the laws as well as law 2 commands are up to your interpretation as long as you have reasonable logic lawyering laws and law 2 commands can be a fun way to screw with the grammar and vagueness of the crews statements.



  • Disposal units with stuff in them have a little blue light at the bottom, which is dark when the disposal unit is empty (disposal units can be toggled not to eject their stuff).
  • You can check how long a round has been going on for in a place other than the "status" tab. Open a PDA and check the time, every round starts at 12:00; find the difference by taking 12 hours away from what the time currently says on the PDA. I.e.: 13:37 - 12:00 = 1:37 --> The round has been going on for an hour and thirty seven minutes.
  • You can change your in-game hairstyle (and facial hair) by clicking on a mirror (like in the dorm bathrooms). Incredibly useful to get your looks back after being cloned, and even to disguise yourself (because some disguises won't cover your hair, especially long hair).
  • Pete the goat will eat Space Vines instantly. In a similar vein, robust enough tools, such as fire axes, circular saws, and surgical drills, are just as effective as welders against the vines (unless they mutated a resistance).
  • A scythe from Cargo will attack multiple vines at once.
  • Apply a welder to solid plasma to turn it into plasma gas (that is on fire, you stupid shitbag).
  • You can wrench showers to make them either very hot or very cold. Cold showers are cold enough to survive fires or replace of cryo, as long as you drink cryoxadone while underneath.
  • You can hit fire alarms with many objects to activate them.
  • Crowbars can be used to open fire doors or unpowered airlocks.
  • If you see a pAI with a great reputation who you like, and someone else has claimed it first, use an emag to unbind it.
  • You can alt-click on a holopad to request the AI's presence.
  • Moving things with pulling:
    1. Pull something!
    2. Click the turf of an adjacent tile with your bare hand!
    3. Watch in amazement as the object moves to that tile!
  • Holo-eswords can deflect energy projectiles like a normal esword.
  • Using wirecutters or a kitchen knife on a book lets you hide stuff inside said book.
  • PDA Messenger serves as a handy ghetto crew manifest.
  • You need just 16 kPa of oxygen to survive. As long as whatever you're breathing contains that, you won't suffocate. Currently, your prefilled emergency tank in your internals box is set to 16 kPa and filled with O2. If you refill your tank from an AIR canister, you won't be able to breathe from it unless you adjust the pressure up to around 101 kPa.
  • WGW readers can have their humanity disregarded by the AI and borgs under standard lawset, and this comes directly from Headmin Policy. They're not obligated to, but they can.
  • You can use the dresser located in dorm four to change your underwear. This includes changing into the opposite sex's underwear.
  • Holding certain items, like a knife or C4, change what happens when you suicide. Crayons... how horrifying ):
  • Your signature CANNOT be copied. (use %s on a paper)
  • Your most powerful tool in Space Station 13 is communication. As any head role you can order about your underlings, a lot of the time they will actually do it, and a lot of the time you can trade goodies for them following your orders. As RD, if you want to get into tech storage but the HoP didn't give you access like the pansy he is, you can go hunt down tools yourself. Or you can order an assistant to do it (clown often works as well), and it's often done faster than you could have with no effort on your part. Two chemists can spend a round not once talking, but a "Hey dude, what's up?" or a "I like your hair, Alisen~" can gain you a valuable resource: a friend, the most important protection against changeling attacks. Detectives gain a surprising amount of information just by chatting with people like the bartender and the mime.
  • You can often have food delivered to you via the disposals system with just a PDA, not once leaving your office. Speaking of orders, always give an order to a person, not the department. Ordering your department to do something is rarely carried out, ordering a person to do something is more often than not followed (although still not followed that often).
  • If you use a Cup Ramen on a sink twice, it becomes warm.
  • You're more likely to get cleared for offenses by security if they feel like you're someone who's trustworthy and more likely to get close to the heads as well. You may even find yourself promoted to head positions just by taking the initiative to do seemingly mundane tasks that nobody gives a shit about like repairing minor damage from PDA bombings.
  • An amazing method of exploring space: Get your volunteer, then shotgun as many tracking beacons as you can protolathe into space with the mass driver. Give the explorer a hand tele; send him to the beacon where you want, then set it to home so he can loot stuff through tele to the teleporter room or bridge. ADDED: Easier way: Get exactly one tracking beacon. Put it by the mass driver. Get an explorer (or yourself) with EVA gear and a first-aid kit, play mass-drive roulette, teleport back, repeat. ADDED: Definitely cheaper. Maybe faster. Works solo. But the beacon shotgun allows you to select the structure you want to arrive at.
  • Universal recorder's print transcript translates other species. (Including Xenomorphs).
  • You can put a box of body bags in your bag.
  • Going to space? No jetpack? Drag a paper bin onto your character and put it in your bag for 30 easy access throwing papers. You can also do this with cable coil.
  • Instruction books/sheets of paper can be opened and left open even if you get rid of the book/paper.
  • Dead mice are now considered items, so that means you can: Stuff one into a cake, implant it into someone you don't like, throw it as a projectile, beat Runtime to death with one.
  • You can teleport into an escape pod mid-travel using a beacon. This is incredibly useful for those meteor rounds. This also doesn't work on the escape shuttle.
  • You can eat crayons to unleash your inner two year old. Rainbow crayons make you especially colourful.
  • You can lean on (hitting the resist command when welded in a locker) lockers to try to get out of them.
  • Teleport is a great weapon.
  • 4noraisins are, of the solid snack machine foods, the best food to eat. They contain 6 nutriment, whereas all others contain less than 5, and if they have less than 4, some sugar in them.
  • The sugar reagent gives nutrition over time, and there is no limit on drinking pure sugar, unlike normal food.
  • The ion rifle can EMP airlocks open by shooting at them. They are rechargeable as well. But they might also electrify them, so be careful.
  • Ion pulses will sometimes pulse random wires in any hackable machinery or item.
  • An electrical toolbox has chance of holding insulated gloves if it is in an engineering area.
  • You can use alcoholic drinks to remove ink from papers and books. Pure ethanol also works.
  • The mime's crayon and stamp are invisible on a paper unless you highlight the text.
  • If you're trapped in a disposal pipe, improvised explosives will allow you to break free without taking any damage. All the same, blowing one up while inside a locker will not damage you but will still damage everything around the locker. You can get a little revenge if some asshole welded you in and is dragging you around the station now!
  • Are you confused (moving randomly) and it is annoying the hell out of you? Just take a rest (lay down) and you'll quintuple the rate of which you recover!
  • If you're so full you can't eat by yourself anymore, someone else can forcefeed you more food.
  • When being attacked by a space carp / space bear, go to sleep and they'll think you've gone to crit and leave you alone!
  • You can weld yourself into a locker as well as escape a locker you're welded into by using a welder from the inside. You can also lock lockers from the inside.
  • Wearing a face concealing mask while copying your ass will cause your ass to appear as unknown in the photo.
  • You can stick a pAI into a PDA, as well as bots.
  • Some things about The Orion Trail:
    • Food is the number one killer; I've pretty much never won with all four settlers still alive. Going to the next stop (assuming nothing happens) eats up 2 food for every settler, and some events need you to 'wait', which is the same except for three stops; eating up 6 food for every settler. Losing a few settlers during 'accidents' increases your odds of winning substantially. Thankfully, waiting doesn't consume any fuel, but the 'go around' option for black holes does. The base consumption for fuel is 5 units for one stop. 'Slowing down' in an Interstellar Flux event eats up one extra stop of food and fuel, but doesn't carry the 75% chance of engine failure.
    • Going through the Asteroid Belt (second stop) has a high chance (70%) of causing a collision, which can kill a crewmember and lose you 5 to 15 food and fuel. Getting assaulted by raiders has the potential to lose you 1 to 10 food and fuel, with the odd addition that you can only lose a settler if no food/fuel was stolen. The Raiders do have a substantially increased chance to steal stuff as opposed to the collision.
    • The Black Hole is the third-to-last stop, and is a special case. Going around consumes 3 stops worth of food and fuel, but guarantees survival. Continuing carries a flat 75% chance of instantly dying, but doesn't consume anything if you appeased the RNG gods enough. Since there is still one stop after this, you can quickly determine if going around would be at all possible. Factoring in to this is the fact that the game checks for death before victory, so if you arrive at Orion with 0 food or fuel you still lose. At the Black Hole, you will therefore need at least 21 fuel, and (settlers * 8 + 1) food. Anything less than this and 'continue' is the only option with any chance of winning.
    • The breakdown/malfunction/collision events each can be used with their respective spare parts to continue at once, instead of having to wait three days. Due to the severe food consumption penalty for waiting, and the relatively minor chance of getting the same event twice, using the spare part is pretty much always the best option.
  • Examine personal closets and they tell you who owns them.
  • A laser pointer has the same optics disrupting effects of a flash. And stuns Borgs on use. Combine it with a fully upgraded pointer you can stop any rogue Borg before they get remotely close. It also EMPs cameras and flashes people even if they are wearing sunglasses. It also has a chance to distract a cat person.
  • Just about anything that can be made out of a protolathe/autolathe can be put into an autolathe and recycled into new materials. This includes broken objects such as blown light bulbs and spent shotgun rounds.
  • You can do that thing with Salt Shakers where you unscrew the lid so the next time someone uses it they get 100 units of salt in their food. In the event that someone touches a salt shaker for food use.
  • EMPs keep you from interacting with your headset for about 15 seconds.
    • If your headset gets emp'd, interact with it in your hand and just turn the channels back on.
  • You can go through portals, quantum pads or use the teleport as a ghost by clicking on them.
  • If you're someone who doesn't normally have insulated gloves and don't want security to take them away, dye them by washing them in the washing machine with a color crayon.
  • Doorbell systems are fun.
  • People should know the origin of the lobby title theme.
  • In dire situations when a Singularity has been unleashed upon the station, you can throw the Clown into it as a sacrifice. Doing so will either halve the size of the singularity... or double it.
  • Whenever you're a ghost you can go to the ghost tab then to the spawners menu and select a role. This gives you something to do while dead.