Graphics Troubleshooting

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This page is here to help with anyone experiencing graphics-related issues in-game.


You may be experiencing a glitch if

  1. Space turns black (or another color) when Parallax Space is enabled.
  2. Space contains very few stars when Parallax Space is enabled.
  3. Parallax Space settings don't do anything.
  4. Your screen is overlayed with numerous rainbow-colored gradients.
  5. You can see fullbright in any area.
  6. You have a black screen.
  7. Some objects turn black.


  1. Disable or re-enable Hardware acceleration in BYOND settings.
  2. Update to the latest BYOND beta, or downgrade to the latest Stable.
  3. Google for, download, and install the June 2010 DirectX SDK

if all else fails, post on the forum or ask #supportbus