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Ethereals are organic humanoid beings with a blood that has strange luminiscent and electrical properties. Ethereals are barred from most authority roles on Nanotrasen stations and are not protected by the AI's default Asimov laws.

Their naming convention is a celestial body followed by two capitalized letters. E.g. "Andromeda XV" or "Jupiter EP".


Coming from planet Sprout, Ethereals are known for their specific caste system in which each Ethereal fulfills a specific purpose. There are four main castes of Ethereals in the world each fulfilling a specific purpose: Caregivers, Builders, Musicians and Soldiers. Each of these castes fulfilled their role in society. However, at some point the other three castes rejected the ways of warfare and started moving towards more peaceful ways, to the dismay of the fourth caste. Soon after, the three castes were forced to leave Sprout to find a new place to live as the military caste became more resentful.

After making contact with NanoTrasen, the Ethereals offered their specific talents to assist onboard of their research stations. Even helping in building an outpost on their homeworld so they have a chance of living there once more.


Ethereals are a optional playable race. When you create an Ethereal character, you can customize the color of your glow.

When attacking with their hands, Ethereals deal burn instead of brute damage. Instead of nutrition, they have to keep an eye on their electrical charge - if it gets too low, their glow fades, they become even more vulnerable to brute damage and will start dying. 75-100 is the ideal power charge to have. From 100-125 you will begin to take minor toxin damage. Above 125, you take more toxin damage, and there is a 10% chance each tick for you to begin a discharge process, shooting arcs of electricity. There is a 10% chance to get a heart attack during a discharge. The shock is weak. Ethereals take 1.25x as much brute damage as humans do.

Their nutrition/charge can be recharged with Cyborg rechargers, by touching lightbulbs, touching energy cells, or by consuming special food like High-power energy bars and empowered burgers. You can also charge through APC's. Touch an APC on Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. to drain its energy.

Ethereals that get struck by electric shocks take a little less damage and gain charge.