Discord Rules

Материал из Fluffy Frontier
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  1. Don’t be a dick. This Discord server is meant to be open and friendly, don’t make it into an unenjoyable environment.
    1a: Harassment and general drama-stirring will not be tolerated.
    1b: If you are permabanned within the server, the ban may be mirrored here at headmin discretion.
  2. Do not use this Discord server to break the rules of other communities/SS13 servers.
    2a: This rule usually only covers raids, exploits, and metacommunication, and does not apply to stupid rules such as, "do not criticize us in other servers".
  3. Discord is for discourse to happen. Do not disrupt the ability to hold a conversation. This includes spam, excessive embeds, and so on. Enclose links with < > to hide embeds.
  4. Do not abuse pings or create false positive fatigue through their overuse.
  5. Do not attach or embed NSFW content. Any NSFW content must be clearly labeled, as well as spoilered or nested in < > to prevent the automatic embed.
  6. Do not attempt to resolve administrative matters over Discord or Discord DMs.
  7. Doxing and SWATing: Doing it, encouraging it, or joking about it will lead to a permanent in-game, Discord, and forum ban.
  8. Anything that is against the Discord ToS or that will make Discord mad at us is not allowed.
  9. Do not change two or more of the following in such a way that you would get confused with someone: avatar, username, display name (nickname).
    9a: Do not use the same username as a /tg/ staff member, no exceptions!
  10. Heated political discussions belong in #politics-containment. You are expected to voluntarily move discussions there before they become disruptive.
  11. This Discord server, like our game servers, require you to be 18 years old. We’re not going to hunt down your age - don’t ask, don’t tell.
  12. Bigotry is not allowed. Intentionally seeking to demean others due to their actual or perceived race, sex, gender, orientation or the like is not tolerated.

    It is not our goal to create or enforce a list of banned words and instead our goal to eject bigotry from the community.

Discord Roles

We have several pingable roles, below are their uses.
Please only ping once! Multiple pings do not solve your issue any faster and will likely get you kicked.
@Supportmin: for in-game issues when there are no admins online.
@Key Holder: for maintenance/server issues, like a server crash.
@Head Admin: for important administrative issues.