Auxiliary Base Construction

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Зона Supply
Auxiliary Base Construction
Where miners make a neat base
Входы и выходы Arrivals south
Назначение Serve as a construction zone for a forward operating base
Уровень доступа
Что находится внутри Construction computer, materials, mining equipment
Доступен для Captain, Quartermaster, Shaft Miners
Степень охраняемости Low
Стиль Trash outlet/post office
Требование баланса No major balance requirements
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The Auxiliary Base Construction area of the station allows someone to construct a new structure, or forward base, that can be sent down to the surface of Lavaland. This provides two benefits, it acts as a more robust forward operating base for Miners, and it can also allow for the mining shuttle to dock and land at the new auxiliary base, allowing for faster transportation of miners and equipment.

Construction Time

Located near a station's arrivals, the Construction area for the Auxiliary base utilises a highly advance, remote controlled, RCD Drone that can allow a user to rapidly construct a base from scratch. This RCD Drone is fully equipped with a expanded supply of RCD matter charges, and is capable of quickly building a large suite of structures.

The RCD Drone can construct the following

  • Standard compliment of walls, airlocks and windows.
  • Up to four 'fans', these fans prevent air from being sucked out into Lavaland from a open airlock. The fan should be placed after a airlock has been placed.
  • Up to four defence turrets. These turrets will fend off local wildlife. They will only deal full damage if exposed to the outside pressure of Lavaland, and as such should be placed outside the base.

The base also comes with the following unique equipment

  • Shuttle Dock - This, when activated, will allow the Mining Shuttle to land at the beacon anywhere on Lavaland. So long as it does not crash into the Aux Base.


In order to deploy a Aux Base onto Lavaland a Miner first has to activate a Landing Beacon where they want it to land, this device is found inside any Miner Personal Locker. Once placed a warning will be sent to the station that a drop point has been deployed, and the base can be sent at any time.

In order to send the actual base, someone has to physically interact with the console at the centre of the Aux Base, after a few moments this will launch the base down to the beacon.

Note that a intrepid crew can launch multiple Auxiliary Bases, this can allow a crew to link up multiple buildings and create a large, and sprawling, Auxiliary Base.