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Quirks are modifiers to your character in Space Station 13. Inspired by similar mechanics from many games (especially roguelikes, ala Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead), they impact the way you play the game in small (or sometimes large) ways by adding passive mechanical bonuses and drawbacks.

Getting Quirks

Quirks are modified through the game preferences menu by clicking on Configure Quirks. Doing so will open your quirk setup.

Trait menu.png

Quirks are organized alphabetically and by quality, in descending order: positive, negative, and neutral. You can see their names, and next to those, a short gameplay descriptor on what they do. To the right of that is a button to either take the quirk or lose it. Whenever you spawn in, either through latejoining or when the round starts, your quirk setup will be locked in - your character will have those quirks until the round ends, and changes you make to the setup during the round will not apply.

Quirks use a point system, called quirk balance, which defaults to 0. This is used to balance the quirks you take, and designed in such a way that every positive quirk requires some drawbacks. Positive quirks take from this balance, negative quirks add to it, and neutral quirks don't affect it at all.

You cannot buy a positive quirk unless you have the balance for it, but you can take any amount of negative quirks. For instance, if you take the Stormtrooper Aim quirk, you now have a quirk balance of 4 and can purchase any one quirk that has a balance cost of -4, like Night Vision. If you were to also take Family Heirloom, you would have a quirk balance of 6, and could take a quirk with a cost of -2, like Friendly, or Mime fan. Simple stuff!

Regardless of balance points, you can only have six positive quirks at a time. Unspent balance is left unused.

Example quirks setup, using the right image as a reference:

  • Starting points: 0
  • You want to take Friendly and Night Vision, meaning you'll need 6 points.
  • You take Family Heirloom to gain 2 points.
  • You take Stormtrooper Aim to gain 4 points.
  • You now have 6 points, so you can now take Friendly for 2, and Night Vision for 4.

This setup coincides with the point costs (0 - 2 - 4 + 2 + 4 = 0) as well as the positive quirk limit (2/6). If you wanted, you could also take some additional negative quirks or some neutral quirks to get more quirks to work around.

Keep in mind that there's nothing forcing you to take the maximum amount of positive quirks, spend all your points, or even use quirks at all. You are able to enter the game and play even with no quirks, so don't let it concern you too badly!

List of Quirks

Below is a list of all positive, negative, and neutral quirks in the game, including their balance costs and actual gameplay effects. If you don't see a quirk on here, that means it's missing - please update the list to include it! Conversely, any quirks on this list that are not in-game have likely been removed, so you are free to remove them from this list to avoid misinformation.

Positive Quirks

Positive quirks take from quirk balance and have useful or beneficial effects.

Quirk Name Balance Entry Description Gameplay Effects
Alcohol Tolerance -4 "You become drunk more slowly and suffer fewer drawbacks from alcohol." You only take 70% of the drunkenness from alcohol, and some negative effects (i.e. jittering) won't affect you.
Apathetic -4 "You just don't care as much as other people, that's nice to have in a place like this, I guess." All mood modifiers (positive and negative) are 20% less effective on you.
Drunken Resilience -8 "Nothing like a good drink to make you feel on top of the world. Whenever you're drunk, you slowly recover from injuries." 6 to 40 drunkenness heals 0.1 brute and 0.05 burn damage per tick. 41 to 60 drunkenness heals 0.4 brute and 0.2 burn per tick. 61 and up drunkenness heals 0.8 brute and 0.4 burn per tick.
Empath -8 "Whether it's a sixth sense or careful study of body language, it only takes you a quick glance at someone to understand how they feel."
Clown Fan -2 "You enjoy clown antics and get a mood boost from wearing your clown pin." A Clown Pin spawns in your bag.
Mime Fan -2 "You enjoy mime antics and get a mood boost from wearing your mime pin." A Mime Pin spawns in your bag.
Freerunning -8 "You're great at quick moves! You can climb tables more quickly and take no damage from short falls." You climb tables 20% faster.
Friendly -2 "You give the best hugs, especially when you're in the right mood."
Jolly -4 "You sometimes just feel happy, for no reason at all." You will occasionally gain a boost to your mood.
Light Step -4 "You walk with a gentle step; footsteps and stepping on sharp objects is quieter and less painful. Also, your hands and clothes will not get messed in case of stepping in blood." Stepping on sharp things, like glass shards and d4s, is 20% quieter than normal. Additionally, stepping on them without shoes will deal 25% less damage than normal.
Musician -2 "You can tune handheld musical instruments to play melodies that clear certain negative effects and soothe the soul." You spawn with a musical instrument beacon in your bag.
Night Vision -4 "You can see slightly more clearly in full darkness than most people." Your vision in darkness is very slightly brighter, and you can see the 3x3 area around you without a blur.
Self-Aware -8 "You know your body well, and can accurately assess the extent of your wounds." When checking yourself for injuries, you can see the exact amount of brute and burn damage. You can also tell if you have toxin or oxygen damage.
Skittish -8 "You're easy to startle, and hide frequently. Run into a closed locker to jump into it, as long as you have access. You can walk to avoid this." Ctrl-shift-clicking on a locker will, if you can open it, cause you to jump in and lock the door behind you.
Spiritual -4 "You hold a spiritual belief, whether in God, nature or the arcane rules of the universe. You gain comfort from the presence of holy people, and believe that your prayers are more special than others. Being in the chapel makes you happy." When you pray, administrators online will see a special notice next to your name. This doesn't mean they have to respond, though.
Tagger -4 "You're an experienced artist. People will actually be impressed by your graffiti, and you can get twice as many uses out of drawing supplies." You spawn with a spray can in your bag.
Voracious -4 "Nothing gets between you and your food. You eat faster and can binge on junk food! Being fat suits you just fine." The click delay when eating food and drinking drinks is halved.

Negative Quirks

Negative quirks add to the quirk balance, and have detrimental effects.

Quirk Name Balance Entry Description Gameplay Effects
Acute Blood Deficiency +2 "Your body can't produce enough blood to sustain itself."" You lose blood over time, and you will die if you neglect to get treatment. Without treatment: (15 minutes: low blood symptoms, 30 minutes: oxygen damage builds up, 32 minutes: fainting, 34 minutes: dead)
Blind +4 "You are completely blind, nothing can counteract this."" Your eye organs spawn nonfunctional, and you also spawn with a blindfold.
Brain Tumor +3 "You have a little friend in your brain that is slowly destroying it. Better bring some mannitol!" You occasionally get some ticks of brain damage, which, if left untreated, will cause various ailments. It takes 1 minute, 40 seconds to take 10% (20 organ damage) brain damage. You also spawn with some mannitol.
Deaf +2 "You are incurably deaf."" Your ear organs spawn nonfunctional.
Depression +1 "You sometimes just hate life." You occasionally become sad, in a similar way to how Jolly occasionally makes you happy.
Family Heirloom +1 "You are the current owner of an heirloom. passed down for generations. You have to keep it safe!" You start the shift with a special item, which varies based on your job. Examples include a golden bike horn for the Clown or a special hammer for the Lawyer. If you are not in possession of your family heirloom, you gain a significant negative mood modifier.
Heavy Sleeper +1 "You sleep like a rock! Whenever you're put to sleep, you sleep for a little bit longer." All unconsciousness effects are increased in duration by an amount between 25% and 30%.
Hypersensitive +1 "For better or worse, everything seems to affect your mood more than it should." Mood modifier is increased by 50%.
Junkie +2 "You can't get enough of hard drugs." Start with a random drug addiction and a pill bottle full of pills for said addiction.
Light Drinker +1 "You just can't handle your drinks and get drunk very quickly."
Nearsighted +1 "You are nearsighted without prescription glasses, but spawn with a pair." Anything far away from you is difficult to see. Unlike genetic mutation nearsightedness or nearsightedness caused by eye damage, this variety cannot be cured. without admin intervention. Any new bodies created through pod cloning will suffer the same issue, so you can't circumvent it that way.
Nyctophobia +1 "As far as you can remember, you've always been afraid of the dark. While in the dark without a light source, you instinctually act careful, and constantly feel a sense of dread." You cannot run in darkness, you can only walk. When shrouded in darkness, you get a negative moodlet modifier.
Pacifist +2 "The thought of violence makes you sick. So much so, in fact, that you can't hurt anyone." You are incapable of directly hurting any other creatures. You cannot fire guns, use Harm action.png Harm 32.png
Turn on Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. and then left-click a person with your hand empty.
, or swing weapons. Stun batons can still stun, but that's the extent of it. Note: If you spawn as an antagonist, Pacifist is not disabled.
Paraplegic +3 "Your legs do not function. Nothing will ever fix this. But hey, free wheelchair!""
Physically Obstructive +1 "You somehow manage to always be in the way. You can't swap places with other people.""
Poor Aim +1 "You're terrible with guns and can't line up a straight shot to save your life. Dual wielding is right out." Any shots you fire with projectile weapons are shifted randomly by up to 25 degrees.
Prosopagnosia +1 "You have a mental disorder that prevents you from being able to recognize faces at all." Examining someone will always show them as Unknown, regardless of appearance, ID, etc.
Prosthetic Limb +1 "An accident caused you to lose a limb. Because of this, you now have a random prosthetic!" One of your arms or legs is replaced with a surplus prosthetic, which are very fragile and need tools to repair.
Reality Dissociation Syndrome +2 "You suffer from a severe disorder that causes very vivid hallucinations. Mindbreaker toxin can suppress its effects, and you are immune to mindbreaker's hallucinogenic properties." You suffer from intense, constant hallucinations. These include normal hallucinations but can also be strange, unique effects that can't be induced by anything else. Having this does not give you a license to act in an antagonistic manner.
Smoker +1 "Sometimes you just really want a smoke. Probably not great for your lungs."" Spawn with a tobacco addiction, a lighter, and a pack of smokes.
Social Anxiety +1 "Talking to people is difficult for you, and you often stutter or even lock up." You periodically stutter, and there is a very low chance every second for you to become incapable of speech for a time.
Unstable + 2 "Due to past troubles, you are unable to recover your sanity if you lose it. Be very careful managing your mood!""

Neutral Quirks

Neutral quirks cost no points and do not impactfully alter the way the game plays.

Quirk Name Balance Entry Description Gameplay Effects
Ananas Affinity 0 "You find yourself greatly enjoying fruits of the ananas genus. You can't seem to ever get enough of their sweet goodness!" Pineapple is added to your loved foods list.
Ananas Aversion 0 "You find yourself greatly detesting fruits of the ananas genus. Serious, how the hell can anyone say these things are good? And what kind of madman would even dare putting it on a pizza!?" Pineapple is added to your detested foods list.
Ageusia 0 "You can't taste anything! Toxic food will still poison you." Food, drinks, and reagents have no taste to you. However, toxic food will still incur nausea.
Deviant Tastes 0 "You dislike food that most people enjoy, and find delicious what they don't." Your liked and disliked foods are swapped. This means that for humans you will suddenly like raw and gross foods, but disliked fried and junk food. This differs between species, so being a lizard or moth will cause you to like and dislike different things.
Monochromacy 0 "You suffer from full colorblindness, and perceive nearly the entire world in blacks and whites." You can no longer view colors. Play as a Detective for the full authentic noir view.
Neat 0 "You really don't like being unhygienic, and will get sad if you are."
Vegetarian 0 "You find the idea of eating meat morally and physically repulsive."

Random Hardcore Character

This is an option in the character settings. This mode exists as somewhat of an extra challenge for veteran players who would like to be cool by being on a leaderboard.

If enabled, each round your character gets a random budget of points which randomly selects quirks for you. The more points you end up getting the more score you will get if you survive the round. If you are an antag you will get double the points for making it through. The survivors are listed on the end round report.