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The mysterious Replica Pod can be used to harvest a half man, half plant being, that preserves the memories of a deceased humanoid.

Instructions on how to make your own, or become one yourself, can be found here.


Little is known of podmen, aside from the fact that they are a known side effect of replica pods.


A podman is usually a former Human, or a a Lizardperson/Plasmaman, who was cloned via a yet mysterious method of plant growth. As such a podman maintains all the traits and personality of its cloned host.


Podmen are a non-selectable alien race. Players may become a Podman if they are cloned from a replica pod, or through Xenobiology, as with other races.

They have the unique ability of regenerating nutrition and health so long as they are near a light source, but they also start to starve quickly in darkness. Gaining nutrition this way may give the overweight alert, but unless they eat more food it won't last enough to apply the slowdown effect. In addition certain crew members may show caution, fear or awe towards you, which may be a improvement if you were a Lizard or Plasma man. But hey, special snowflake healing!

If they're starving for too long they'll actually take damage, and they're vulnerable to anything that affects plants, such as Plant-B-Gone and Floral Somatorays. While the Somatoray's yield function will simply feed (or overfeed) them, the mutation function will burn and mutate, usually negatively, podpeople. You can scan the health and reagents of podpeople with a plant analyzer instead of a health analyzer.

Podmen can, and will get brutalized by goats. Stay far, far away from Pete.